I Hide In The Rain: A Collection of Flash Fiction

I Hide In The Rain: A Collection of Flash Fiction
Series: Flash Fiction, Book 20
Genres: Fiction, Flash Fiction, Very Short Read
Tag: Recommended Books
Length: 25
Publisher: Grown Folks' Publishing
Publication Year: 2016
ASIN: B01M8P35E3
ISBN: 9781944167196
Words flow effortlessly on the pages creating imagery like raindrops that takes readers into another realm. Those words change as the story changes into paragraphs filled with disdain for a lover's love gone dry and a path that's hard to travel. Though short and sweet, Jacquinita Rose's I HIDE IN THE RAIN is a compilation of flash fiction that continues to linger after read. Situations and experiences become eloquently written masterpieces that surpass the basic storytelling from chatting girlfriends to coworkers sipping on coffee during break. This compilation will have readers going back many times over! This collection of flash fiction contains 8 very short stories: 1) I Hide In The Rain, 2) Don't Forget Your Jacket, 3) Brushing Mama's Hair, 4) The Right Side of Happy, 5) A Day Like Today, 6) The Writing Hour, 7) A Pressing Comb Saved Me From Hell, and 8) In The Middle of Somewhere


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